Vitamin A and its effects on your hair

Vitamin A and its effects on your hair (2020)

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One of the most effective antioxidants is Vitamin A. It constitutes a crucial part in our diet and has many properties that lead to a healthy life. Hair can grow and problems of the scalp are removed with Vitamin A but in this article today we will explain how excessive Vitamin A can result to the fall of hair.

Why does Vitamin A have a side effect on your hair?


Like we told you Vitamin A helps in growing hair but too much of anything is bad and that is the case with Vitamin A. Your hair starts to reach the phase where it is done growing and starts to fall at the same high rate. When your body fails to grow new hair at a faster pace, then your hair starts to thin and result in baldness in some cases.


Why does that happen?


Unlike other vitamins, this one here is a fat soluble one. In other words, it starts to accumulate in your body. Within a few days that becomes a problem for your hair and health.

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What are the signs of excessive Vitamin A in your body?

 If you start to consume more than the required quantity of Vitamin A which is 10,000 IU on a daily basis then you might see any of these symptoms.  Headaches, blurriness, pain in the abdominal region, feeling of nausea, fatigue. When you feel any of these symptoms make sure to pay your doctor a visit.

How to treat the loss of hair that is caused by Vitamin A?

You must remember that your diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and other components can’t cause overdose of Vitamin A, alone. Supplements that individuals take on a regular basis causes such problems. You can undo the damage caused by excessive Vitamin A in your body by treating it medically. Diuretics and Intravenous fluids will subdue the process where Vitamin A gets stored in your body. During this medical procedure patients suffering from any such problem will be asked to stop the intake if dietary supplements and also food that is rich in Vitamin A.

How to get the right amount of Vitamins?

A way by which you can avoid the excessive consumption of Vitamins and consume the right quantity is via food that is naturally found and not through any form of supplements. Green, yellow, red and orange vegetables are the best source of Vitamin A. You also get it from liver, eggs, cheese, cereals and milk that is fortified. Just take a healthy meal and you will not face any problems regarding health or hair fall.

Keep an eye on the hair treatments you get.

 Hair treatments have the presence of Vitamin A which helps to produce sebum. This is supposed to treat the loss of hair by preventing breakage and drying of hair follicles. That is why consider any form of Hair Treatment as it has an overdose of Vitamin A in it.

Vitamin A is not dangerous for you but unlike any other substance over consumption of it leads to a series of problems. So, keep an eye on how much Vitamin A you are consuming.

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