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Why hair loss is common in men and women?

April 18, 2020


Hair fall becomes the common hair problem among men and women. The excessive hair fall may lead to hair loss. At start, hair begins to thin on top of the head so the forehead becomes broader. In some people, hair fall and hair loss onsets due to many reasons, such as stress, age induced, inheritance [...]


How Massaging Your Scalp for Better Hair Growth? (2020)

April 25, 2018


As they say, every part of our body matters. You might not understand the importance of it, but once you lose it, you do get to know how it completed the overall look. Hair is one such important component of our body. How we love to flaunt it, play with it and leave it open whenever we go out. Be it [...]


Best Natural Hair Loss Control Remedies You Should Try (2020)

April 10, 2018


What do you look in a person when you meet him or her for the first time? Of course, the overall appearance and smartness matters but the basic thing is looks. You judge a person by his or her looks. There a number of times when you also judge by that person’s hair. For instance, if a person has l [...]