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Best Hair clips for every form of hairstyle

Best 2020 Hair clips for every form of hairstyle

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Besides keeping hair in place, the hair clips are saviors in bringing instant hair style options. Hair clips that we so delightedly pick up from our random shopping trips indeed help us in good and bad times in creating hair styles. There are umpteen types of hair clips which can be made use of and knowing them all is like taking a step ahead to better hair styles and being a diva!

Here are the hair clips, their aids and a quick tip on what to match them with!

  1. Bobby pins

The oldest and the best pins available for arranging layered hair styles, keeping up with hair extensions and also fixing a wig! Bobby pins help in holding a large base of hair together to make buns and puffs easy! Best for traditional hair styles!

  1. Barrettes

Barrettes are the most popular hair clips in the market today. Available from the most basic ones to the stone studded and designer options, these clips help in securing hair layers and giving instant hold to hair. Also, work for putting up floral clips on hair to make the hair styles presentable.

  1. Claw Clips

Lift the front half of the hair and give it a tight grip with the claw clips. These clips are made of fiber and work best in keeping your hair temporarily tied. You can make half ties, half buns, full buns and even tie sections of hair with these clips.

  1. Banana clips

An alternative to hair ties, the banana clips are somewhat similar to claw clips with being just larger in size and comes with an inside comb. Just comb your hair roughly with these and tie them up with these clips to give an elongated yet neat look to your pony tail.

  1. Hair stick pins

Hair stick pins are most popular for buns and come in various fibers. From metals to wooden, these are available very easily and help in a sorted use. These help in quickly making a rough bun and adding a style tough to it.

  1. Comb pins

Comb pins have a little comb in them and set in hair just like a bobby pin. These are although a little broader and help in setting hair too. Today the comb pins are available in simple designs as well as designer pieces to match every kind of look. So, pick up the floral or stone studded ones for party looks and the simple ones for your everyday wears.

  1. Feather clips

Upgrade your look with simple hair clips which have stylish feather fix on them. Sitting on your hair like a mini hat these amped up any look you carry!

  1. Crocodile hair clips

Crocodile hair clips are the best for putting up a hair style or even aid in parting the hairs and making a good haircut. Typically used by the hairstylists these clips easily hold the hair in place but are used only for putting up a hairstyle together and not for flaunting it.

Hair clips come in great varieties from simple to designer ones – each making a different look to the hair. Thus, it’s important to stock each one of them to always be ready to style your hair!

Black hair with blonde highlight

Amazing 2020 Ideas of Blonde Highlights Using Different Hair Colors

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Blonde highlights are the Hollywood’s favorite look. Whether you have brown hair or brunette hair, blonde highlights will upgrade your overall look. Hairstylists highly recommend adding the graceful highlights to hair monotone hair color. They will create fresh and an amazing look of hair. Here, we are giving blonde highlight ideas that can transform your overall look. The hair highlights and low lights can easily be created at home with the use of best hair highlighting kits. The top brands of hair highlight kits are available through the facility online shopping in USA. Get the best ideas of blonde highlights and transform your hair look.

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights and light brown hair with blonde highlights are the highly searched keyword. Hair dressers suggest blonde highlight on brown hair, as it is the ultimate hair color combo. Whether you have dusky skin complexion or fair skin color, this combo will definitely suit you. The curly hairstyle seems more elegant on hair having blonde highlights.  If you have icy brown hair color then you should try beige blonde highlight. If you have ash brown hair color then honey blonde highlight will suit you.

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Red hair with blonde highlight

Red hair or burgundy hair is itself the attractive hair color but you can add the dimension by adding dark blonde highlights. If you want unique but stylish hair color then you must try this combo. You can create the combo of red hair color with caramel blonde highlight, bright blonde highlight, ash blonde highlight, golden blonde highlight, platinum blonde highlight, etc. The shade of blonde should be picked according to red hair shade. If you have brownish red hair color then you can go with light blonde but if you have light red hair then golden blonde will suit you. Your hairstylists will help you in picking the right shade as per your hair color. The top brands of hair colors are providing the best blonde highlight kit through online shopping in USA.

Red hair with blonde highlight

Black hair with blonde highlight

The combination of natural black hair and caramel blonde highlight will takes your natural beauty to another level. It looks sophistciated on yoing to middle aged women. The cool tone of blonde will suit almost everyone as it goes with any skin tone. Golden blonde highlights can also be created to add more dimension to your beautiful blonde hair. Make your look tempting in every hairstyle by just having the right shade of blonde highlight.

Black hair with blonde highlight

Blonde hair with blonde highlights

Blonde hair with blonde highlights combo is used to create the Sunkissed look on natural blonde hair. It adds the tempting dimension on hair. It seems like dark blonde color is melting. If you add the waves or curls on hair then it becomes more attractive and gorgeous. The challenging thing is the yellowish tone of blonde hair, which can be treated by just using the no yellow shampoo for blonde hair. They will refresh your blonde highlights by removing yellow hues form them. They are available online through online shopping in Pakistan.

Blonde hair with blonde highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights

Blonde highlights on light brown hair make the hair lively and fresh. If you want gorgeous hair look then you should try blonde highlights on your light brown hair. Hairstylists and hairdressers highly recommend blonde lowlights and highlights for adding sophistication with grace in your overall looks. The best brands are providing the best hair highlight kit with cap for getting long lasting hair steaks, highlight, and lowlights at your home. You can find and buy the best hair coloring products and tools from online shopping in USA.

Light brown hair with blonde highlights

Try any of the above combo to get the graceful hair in this season. You can also try other unique combo with different shades of blonde, ranging from chestnut to caramel.

Rope Braid Hairstyle

Easy Braided Hairstyles for Women in 2020

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Braided hairstyles are the rescuer hairdo in your bad hair day. Young black girls and African women prefer to make the braided hairstyles for looking good every day. There is a variety of braids hairstyles to make you look stylish while keeping your hair out of your face. Here, we suggest some ideas of braided hairstyles trending in 2020.

Dutch Braid: Dutch braid hairdo becomes the favorite braided hairstyle for young girls. It keeps all the hair organized in symmetrical two braids. They are easy and unique hairstyles for long hair and medium hair. You just need to divide the hair in two sections and start making the braid on each section. For details tutorial, you can find the dutch braid hairstyle tutorial on YouTube.

Dutch Braid

Braided Buns: If you are looking for chic hairstyle for summer, then you should try the braided buns on long or short hair type. You just simply need to make the Dutch braids from up side down and fasten the braid into double ponytails. Then twist the loose hair of ponytail and secure it into the buns. This super easy hairstyle suits on young girls, who are going to hangout with friends.

Braided Buns

Cornrow Braids Styles: If you are searching the best African hair braiding styles then you will find cornrow braids on the top of the list. It seems cool and sassy to organized the super curly, dense, black hair into cornrow braid. It is the extensive hairstyle but it can last long for many days. Therefore, black women mostly prefer to get cornrow braids for good looks every day. It is slightly complex to make your own cornrow braids at home. There are many YouTube videos of Cornrow braid hairstyle tutorials, which teach you the technique of making cornrow braids at home. All the hairstyling products used for cornrow hairstyles are available through online shopping in USA. Here we suggest you to watch the tutorial first to make your own hairstyle at home.

Cornrow Braids Styles

Crochet braids hairstyle: The African women prefer to get the crochet braided hairstyle to make their natural hair protected. It is the classic way to get the gorgeous hair for your special occasion. Firstly, you need to clean cornrows braids on your natural hair and sew the end of braids on the head. The loose hair extensions are used to create that classic crochet braids hairstyle. Those hair extensions in various colors and highlights are available from Amazon online shopping in USA. You need to tie the hair extension stands into your cornrow braid. The step by step detail is showing in the YouTube tutorial of crochet braid hair style.

Crochet braids hairstyle

Rope Braid Hairstyle: Rope braids are the easy and stylish braid hairstyle for beginner. It is super easy to just twist two strands of hair in one direction and then wrap these two sections together in opposite direction. This braid hairstyle can be used for making different other hairstyles, such as Dutch rope braids, double rope braid, French rope braid, twisted rope braid, etc. You can find many tutorials of rope braids hairstyles to make your own hairstyle at home. They suit on long hair, medium hair, and short hairs. Young girls can also use this hairdo to get stylish look every day.


Rope Braid Hairstyle

There are numerous hairstyles available for women but these are the trendiest among all. To make your hairstyle in its place, it becomes essential to use the best hairstyling products or tool. They are available in stock and you can buy them through online shopping in USA.

Questions and facts about Hair Transplant surgery

Questions and facts about Hair Transplant surgery (2020)

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Hair transplant surgery becomes the common thing among completely bald or partially bald men. Nowadays, every bald man is now preferring to have hair transplant surgery to restore the younger look. When a person is thinking to have hair transplantation, many related questions arise in his mind. Whether you are confused between FUE and FUT surgery or worried about hair transplant side effect, this article will give you the answer of every question regarding hair transplant surgery.

Follicular unit transplantation VS Follicular unit extraction

FUT hair transplant surgery is also known as strip surgery. In this procedure, small hail bearing skin strip takes from the donor’s back of the head. The hair bearing strip then divided into small graft for even transplantation. It gives the higher hair yield than FUE, so it is the good technique to have full hair restoration. Whereas, Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the latest technique to restore the lost hair. In this process, the follicular unit grafts are implanted manually on scalp by making the skin canal. The skin canal helps the hair to come out from scalp naturally. It seems amazing when it grows naturally like before. FUE takes almost 4 weeks to recover and heal whereas FUT takes longer time to recover. FUT is cheaper than FUE but the cost may change according to baldness types and size of head. FUE does not leave any scar after the surgery however FUT may leave the blemish on scalp or head. It is recommended to choose the best technique of hair transplantation after the consultation with hair transplant doctor.

Hair transplant success rate:

The hair transplant reviews show that the success rate of hair transplant surgery is higher than any other hair restoration products. There are many over the counter hair restoration products available from online shopping in USA. They can just boost or stimulate the hair growth but cannot regrow the hair from roots. Therefore, people with complete baldness prefer to get the hair transplant surgery instead of wasting their money on OTC hair growth products. Up to 80 % people get the positive result of hair transplant, as their hair starts growing back on head normally.

Is Hair transplant permanent:

Yes, FUT and FUE are the permanent solution of hair loss and baldness. Doctors always choose the healthy hair follicular units to transplant on bald area. The healthy follicular unit has the resistance to the hormone that stimulate hair loss. Therefore, the hair loss promoting hormone does not affect the hair growth after hair transplantation. Many hair transplants before and after pictures show the success rates and permanency of results.

Hair transplant side effects

After getting hair transplant surgery, people may experience various side effect. To control the side effects, doctors prescribe the antibiotic medicine and topical ointment. The commonly found side effects include

  • Skin infections
  • Pus formation or crust formation around the operated site of head.
  • Scalp pain, scalp inflammation, and itching.
  • Inflammation of hair follicles may also occur after surgery
  • Bleeding from surgical area
  • Numbness of surgical site, as you may lost sensation on that skin.
  • Bruising around the eyes
  • Unnatural looking bunch of hair, as you may not habitual to see fully covered head.

Doctors know all the possible side effect so they will guide the patient to relief these side effect without any long-term loss.

Hair Transplant recovery time

Recovery time is depending on hair transplant technique and size of operated area. According to hair transplant reviews, FUE hair transplant is time effective as it recovers earlier than FUT hair transplant surgery. Normally, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to recover. However, it will take 5 to 6 weeks if the infection occurs on skin. Therefore, it is recommended to take antibiotic regularly during this recovery phase to speed up the recovery time. After hair transplant, the visible new hair growth will see after 8 to 9 weeks.

Alopecia Treatment and Amazing Hair Growth

Alopecia 2020 Treatment and Amazing Hair Growth

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Alopecia is the autoimmune disorder, in which spot baldness or hair loss occurs. People having this autoimmune disease face the patchy hair loss over a short period of time. This scenario of spot baldness may also start the psychological stress. It is really distressful to face the alopecia hair loss, as it affects the overall personality. The affected people frequently search for effective Alopecia Areata treatment that also promotes hair growth. They use every hair loss treatment product, bought through online shopping in USA, to stop the patchy hair loss. However, one should diagnose the class or type of Alopecia for treating it correctly. In this article, you will find available alopecia cures and treatment products for amazing hair growth.

Types of Alopecia

  • Androgenic Alopecia: In this condition, frequent hair loss and hair thinning occur. It is common among men and women. Mostly, it links with genetic history. Therefore, it is also known as androgenetic alopecia. The untreated processive hair loss may also lead to Frontal fibrosing alopecia then it ends at complete baldness.
  • Cicatricial Alopecia: It is also known as scarring hair loss or scarring alopecia. It is rarely found in USA but it can cause permanent hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata: It is the most common class of Alopecia that is found among, man, woman and even children. Alopecia starts when the immune system starts targeting hair follicles. According to the research, it may have linked health conditions such as thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. It may also link with genetic history, as alopecia genetics are transfer into next generation. There are further more types of Alopecia Areata, such as Alopecia barbae, Alopecia areata monolocularis, Alopecia areata multilocularis, etc. There are several hair loss and hair growth products available through online shopping in USA for alopecia areata treatment and hair growth.
  • Alopecia Universalis: In this condition, immune system targets the hair follicle of entire body hair. It includes eyebrow alopecia, bread alopecia, etc. There is no cure of this autoimmune disorder but you can get your hair back with best hair growth products, such as minoxidil.
  • Alopecia Totalis: In this condition, people face complete scalp baldness. It is severe condition of Alopecia areata, which cannot appear in everyone having alopecia areata.
  • Traction Alopecia: It is common apopecia in women. Traction alopecia causes due to tight hair ties, which pull the hair from roots. It makes the roots weak so hair loss starts. It can be treated by giving regular nourishment to hair and by stop pulling hair. This condition is also known as Chignon Alopecia.
  • Ophiasis: In this condition, the hair loss pattern appear in wave like shape. It occurs on the front hairline or the back-hair line.

Cause of Alopecia

Alopecia areata arises when immune system starts damaging hair follicles of body, whether scalp hair or body hair. It also disrupts the normal hair growth, so one may face frequent hair loss, hair thinning, bald spot on head, bald spot on beard, patchy hair, etc. The causes of Alopecia may also link with other autoimmune disorders, such as thyroid disease, Vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. It may also occur due to genetic heredity that is also known as alopecia genetics.

Symptoms of Alopecia:

  • Commonly, females experience the thinning of hair on top of head. In males, it may start from patchy hair loss.
  • In common male and female balding pattern, it starts from appearance of well-defined hair loss spots on scalp.
  • The gradual hair loss from the entire body may occur. It rarely occurs but it leads to permanent hair loss.
  • Female balding pattern differ from males because men go under dramatic baldness pattern.
  • Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels may also trigger the alopecia areata, as it disrupts the immune system.

Symptoms and sign of Alopecia differ from person to person and men to women. It depends of immunity of body and genetic link. If you find frequent hair loss, spot baldness, or hair thinning, then you must track your symptom of Alopecia areata.  Dermatology and hair loss are interrelated terms, as healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth.

Alopecia treatment

Alopecia areata cure is unpredictable, as you can improve the condition by just promoting hair growth. The amazing hair growth can be achieved with the steroid based lotions, creams, shampoo, and other such hair loss treatment products. The effective treatments of Alopecia Areata are

  1. Corticosteroid injections: They inject intracutaneously to boosts the hair grow. It restarts the hair growth cycle. The prominent result will start appearing within just 4 weeks.
  2. Topical Minoxidil solution: It is the hair loss topical treatment to stimulate the hair growth on scalp, brows, beard. The 5% topical minoxidil solution is recommended to take it with the corticosteroid medication. It will boost the result of Corticosteroid. The 5% minoxidil hair loss treatment solution is available at Amazon, eBay, and other websites of online shopping in USA. The best thing about this Alopecia treatment is its minimal side effect. However, it may not give visible result to extensive hair loss.
  3. Hair loss treatment serums, creams, and ointment: there are many hair loss treatment products available in market that claims to boost the hair growth. Some of them are worth buying for the patients having acute symptoms of alopecia areata. The highly effective products include Alopecia amazing hair growth dressing. It is the best treatments for hair loss in females, as they suffer acute hair loss initially. Dermatologists also recommend these products to use with topical corticosteroid products.
  4. Biotin products: Biotin is the best hair growth supplement that works for men and women both. By just adding biotin supplement in your daily routine, you will notice less hair breakage, hair loss, and hair thinning. Biotin hair growth shampoos also help topically to stimulate healthy hair growth. People, having balding spots on head, balding at back of head, balding ponytail, hair balding, etc., should add Biotin shampoo and conditioner in their hair care routine. Dermatologists highly recommend biotin infused products to cease the alopecia areata symptoms.

Alopecia in cats and dogs:

The abnormal thinning and hair loss in dogs and cats are also considered as Alopecia. The causes of alopecia in dogs and cats are lice, parasitic fleas, and hair mites. These parasites cause allergy and itching on animal’s skin and the itching leads to hair loss. The best way to control alopecia in pets is to visit veterinarian regularly and to give shower to your pet every week. The best pet foods also provide the essential nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and diminish hair loss and hair breakage.

Dyson Airwrap for complete hairstyling at home

Dyson Airwrap for complete hairstyling at home

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Dyson Airwrap is a new addition to Dyson hair tools. Whether you have short hair or long hair, this complete hair styler will work for you. This hair styling tool works on intelligent heat control and airflow technology, which helps in giving volume and shape to the hair. The Dyson hair styler emits the hot air from the barrel. The continuous airflow adds the volume while Dyson curling wand curls the hair. The heat control intelligence regulates the heat for preventing hair exposure to extreme heat. According to the reviews, Amazon Dyson Airwrap complete set is great for beginners to create multiple hairstyles at home. If you want to buy Dyson airwrap for daily hairstyling then you must go through this article for complete guidance.

Dyson Airwrap Attachments:

The Dyson complete airwrap kit contains multiple attachments for hair curling, straightening, hair styling, hair volumizing, and more. Dyson airwrap smooths and controls the fizziness of hair while shaping the hair in multiple styles. They are great for short to medium hair styling at home. One can get it by Dyson Airwrap styler shopping in the USA from Amazon, eBay, etc.


  • Pre-styling dryer

Dyson hair dryer attachment is used to dry your wet or damp hair and make your hair ready for styling. Women, who wash her hair every day, need this hair styling tool for quick and intelligent hair styling. The heat control feature does not damage the hair from extensive heat exposure.

  • Firm smoothing brush:

If you are looking for Dyson Airwrap straightener then just use this attachment for frizz free and smooth hair. It has firm bristles that smoothen and control the messy and frizzy hair. According to reviews, it prevents hair flyaway and frizzling hair.

  • Soft smoothing brush

The soft bristles of smoothing brush remove the fizziness of hair and make the hair smooth and shiny. Professional hairstylists recommend it for getting the blow dry finish at home. The bristles have soft ball tips for easy detangling and gentle hair styling.

  • Dyson 1.2-inch Airwrap Barrels

The Dyson hair curler comes in a different size. The 1.2-inch barrel is great for creating voluminous curls or symmetrical waves. It works the best for medium to long hair. According to the dyson hair curler reviews, beginners can use it easily to get gorgeous bouncy curls. The clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels are used to create balanced curls with an ease.

  • Dyson 1.6-inch Airwrap barrels

If you have done Amazon Dyson airwrap shopping in USA then you must try this dyson airwrap attachment first. It is super fun to get the Hollywood style wavy hair at home. This size of 1.6 inch create the big and voluminous curls for creating beach look. It works best for short hair. The clockwise and anticlockwise barrels come in a kit for creating symmetrical waves and Dyson curls.

  • Round volumizing brush

The Round volumizing brush uses for blow-drying and shaping the hair. It is great for beginners, who love to get blow-dry finish voluminous hairstyle at home. It has the fine bristles to smoothly reshape the hair as it dries with direct air. You can get the everyday bouncy hair look with the use of intelligent technology Dyson hair wrap styler.

How to use Dyson Airwrap complete styler

Dyson styler is engineered to make hairstyling an easy task for everyone. It is designed with the Coanda effect to make the hair wrap round barrel or Dyson hair brush. The powerful air flow with intelligent heat control mechanism styles the damp hair without damaging hair. It is great for curling, drying, waving, and smoothening the hair. There are many YouTube Dyson Airwrap videos that teach the beginner to use it at home. The simple steps have been given below for quick guidance and tips.

  1. Towel dry your hair for activating the coanda effect.
  2. Pick Dyson Airwrap attachment of your choice to create your favorite hairstyle, such as smoothing brush for straightening, Dyson air curler barrel for curling, Dyson dryer for prepping hair, etc.
  3. Set the airflow and heat for quick and easy hairstyling. The heat control system will not damage the hair, as it keeps the heat regulated.
  4. When you are straightening or curling your hair, make sure that each hair strand dries completely before you switch off the Dyson straightener, dyson curler, Dyson hair brush, etc.
  5. Cool shot at the end of curling will help hair to set for longer time. Cool shot technique is using professionally with heat hair styling.
  6. You can also use the hair spray to hold the curls at their place for longer time.

For a better understanding, you can watch Dyson Airwrap YouTube videos for learning the hairstyling with airwrap complete styler kit. The Dyson airwrap complete tutorial video is given below.

You can also search the tutorials of different styles with the use of Amazon Dyson Airwrap styler in USA. Qvc Dyson Airwrap tutorials guide the beginner the best for hairstyling at home.

Styling with dyson hair airwrap

There are many elegant and graceful hairstyles, which can be made with the hack of Dyson complete Airwrap styler. Few ideas have been mentioned below for the beginners

  • Messy Bun with Dyson airwrap: Use 1.6-inch barrel to create the wavy hair and tie up the hair into a hair bun. It looks messy but elegant for young girls.
  • French braid: Use 1.2-inch barrel to tightly curl your hair. Make single or double French braids on the front to give the stylish look. This style suits on bridesmaids, as it seems classy and elegant.
  • Beach hairstyle look: use 1.6-inch barrel to create a wavy beachy hair look and pair your hairstyle with your favorite scarf or bandana. It seems fashionable and stylish to enjoy a beach day with good hairstyle.
  • Blow-dry finish hair: For an everyday look, you can use the round volumizing brush to get voluminous and smooth hair. It makes the hair look heavier and fluffier with continuous air flow and controlled heat exposure.

Recommendation According to Dyson Airwrap Reviews

Whether you are looking for Amazon Dyson Airwrap, ebay Dyson Airwrap, or sephora Dyson airwrap, you will find extensive reviews of clients and users. Most of them are optimistic and positive. The reason is Dyson Airwrap styler works on any type of hair. Before buying it, one should go through the review section of dyson airwrap online shopping in USA. The customer reviews are highlighting the benefit of having this ultimate hairstyling tool at home. Most of the customers recommend the use of Dyson curler, as it gives the best result at home. According to bloggers reviews and youtubers reviews, Dyson Airwrap is worthy to invest in it. The versatile hairstyling, easy hairstyling, and professional finish look make this tool as your personal hairstylists.

Buy Dyson airwrap styler in USA

There are many online shopping websites, who are offering Dyson Airwrap sale in USA. The Dyson Airwrap price is higher than any other hair styling tool but it is worthy to spend on it. You may find the Dyson Airwrap in black Friday sale at a lower price. They are available in stock at Amazon, Sephora, ebay, Qvc, etc. It is easy to buy it with the guarantee of originality. It will let you enjoy the Dyson Airwrap online shopping in USA.

Vitamins and how they help to grow hair faster

Vitamins and how they help to grow hair faster (2020)

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What is it that hair does to your look? It only projects your beauty and grace in the most feminine way possible. All our lives we have played the waiting game, where we patiently waited,waited and waited some more for those treacherous strands of hair to grow longer but now the time has come to end the wait and have longer hair in a shorter period of time.

If you have done everything in your power to speed up the process of hair growth and failed inevitably then you need to look at the kind of Vitamins you’re consuming on a daily basis. When you maintain a healthy diet that provides your body with the right nutrition the quality, quantity and length of hair starts to improve in no time.

The below mentioned Vitamins will help you get the hair length you desire.

Vitamin A.

To grow the cells this is the most crucial type of Vitamin. Your hair strands will not dry out and break as Vitamin A maintains the production of sebum. Consuming vegetables and fruits like peaches, cantaloupe, carrots and peaches will be extremely beneficial.


The problem of hair thinning will be solved when the consumption of Biotin is increased. Your hair will grow faster too. Peas, brown rice, oats and lentils are rich sources of Biotin.

Vitamin C.

To improve the growth of hair and strengthen it from the core the production of collagen needs to improve. Vitamin C helps to produce more collagen. So, start eating more kiwis, blueberries, oranges and strawberries.

Vitamin D.

Not only will the sorrows of hair loss come to an end but you will see faster hair growth too. Vitamin D is responsible for the promotion and stimulation of hair growth. The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. Consumption of yogurt, cheese and milk will also give you the right amount of Vitamin D you need.

Vitamin E.

Your scalp needs to stay clean and healthy only then can hair growth be promoted. It is an antioxidants that helps to build and repair tissues. Broccoli, almonds, avocado and different seeds are brimming with the goodness of Vitamin E.


It plays a major role in providing nourishment to the scalp and is in charge of stimulating the growth of hair. Niacin gives your hair the look it needs and reverses the conditions of lifeless and brittle hair. Mushrooms, turkey, tuna, avocado and chicken are some of the food that has Niacin.


Definitely not a vitamin but this mineral is extremely important when it comes to promoting the growth of hair. Iron promotes the growth of hair and strengthens the hair. Deficiency of iron in your daily diet can turn your hair lifeless, dry and thin.  Spinach, oysters and red meat are some of the sources of iron.

Now the struggles of growing long and lustrous hair will come to an end. Reduce the levels of stress and enjoy a healthy life by consuming the right vitamins.

Best Hair Clipper 2020 Online Shopping

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If you’re someone who likes short hair you would know how expensive the regular visits to the hair salon can get. You can save both time and money by simply trimming your hair at home. It’s really easy to do it yourself and all you would need is a hair clipper. A hair clipper is a small handy tool that can chop off large chunks of hair quite easily and give a professional looking haircut right at home. A hair clipper is often confused with a beard trimmer, shaver or epilator. Here you will learn what exactly a hair clipper is and how you can use it to give yourself or someone else a haircut.

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How to identify a hair clipper?

A hair clipper and a trimmer are both similar to look at but are used for different purposes. They have different blade sizes and length because a clipper is used to cut longer and thicker hair while a trimmer is designed to cut shorter and finer hair. A shaver on the other hand can leave a completely clean finish, unlike the other two. Although a clipper is generally used for a haircut, you can also use it to thin out the overgrowth of a beard before using an actual trimmer or shaver. Hair clippers are also great for grooming your pets.

Different types of hair clippers

The best thing about clippers is the fact that they come with a variety of combs and attachments. You can choose from different sizes of blade guards to cut different lengths of hair. They are variously numbered to denote their cutting capacity and remember, the smaller the number the shorter your hair will be.

  • Fine cutting blades numbered as 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000 etc. will give you a super fine haircut and your remaining hair will be between 1.2-0.1 mm.
  • Medium coarse cutting blades are numbered like 1, 1A or 1.5 and cut your hair till 2.4-4 mm.
  • Full coarse cutting blades numbered as 2, 3.5 and 3.75 will leave you with longer hair between 6-13 mm.
  • Longer cutting blades are suitable if you want even longer hair between 16-19 mm.

How to use them

If you’re planning to cut your own hair using a hair clipper or planning to try it on someone else, here are all the steps that you need to follow.

  • Wash the hair using a shampoo to remove any grease or hair products.
  • Place a towel on the shoulders to avoid making a mess.
  • You can wet the hair with a spray bottle of water or leave it dry if that’s what you prefer.
  • Now choose the blade guard according to the size of hair you want.
  • Start running the clippers in a direction opposite to hair growth.
  • While running the clippers, start close to the skin and while coming up, scoop it a little outwards.
  • Evenly trim the hair using short strokes.

Finish with a close cut at the nape of the neck.


Hair Brush is your style friend – Get to know them more!

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Almost on a daily basis we make use of hair brushes to comb our hair but do we ever pay attention to the effect of hair brushes on our hair? Hair brush makes a lot of difference in the appearance of the hair style, care of the hair and stimulates the hair follicles.

It is very important to know all about your hair brush and find out the suitable one for you to be able to manage your hair to the utmost. From the wide toothed ones to the fanciest options – we’ve got you covered!

  1. Wide tooth comb

Wide toothed or the detangling comb is ideally best for combing in wet hair and getting rid of damage and breakage danger. Suited best for the curly hair this hair brush is a must on your dressing table!

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  1. Rat tail comb

Seen commonly across beauty salons, the rat tail comb is a two-in-one problem solver. It gets the name from the long tail like finish on the comb which helps in creating partings while the fine teeth of the comb ensure smoother finish on the combed hair. This is most commonly used for hair styling purposes.


  1. Paddle Brush

Big rectangular flat brush, this one is highly chosen for people with long hair. It gives easier detangling and drying with hair dryer. This is also a great help when you want to comb your long hair in batches.


  1. Vented Brush

These are cylindrical with a hollow in the middle and are mostly used for drying and styling of hair. Curling the hair or creating rolls to the hair is quite simple with this one. The vented brush also leaves a voluminous finish on the hair that works best to create a good look of the hair.


  1. Tangle Teezer

This is a new addition to the family of brushes, much like the paddle brushes these are small and travel friendly. The tangle teezer aids in de-knotting and combing while on the go!


  1. Mixed Bristle Brush

The mixed bristle brush is mostly made of nylon finish with well distributed bristles to give the scalp a good stimulation while combing and aids in distribution of natural oils of the scalp. Combing with these help in keeping your hair nourished and aid better hair growth. This can also be used as a comb and de-tangling brush.


  1. Wooden brushes

Wooden brushes are gentle on the hair helping in stimulation of the scalp too. It massages the scalp and helps in maintenance of healthy hair.


  1. Teasing brush

Teasing brush is a hairstylist’s best friend! Teasing brush is particularly used to create volume, a few knots and spreading the hair inside the combed hair to create voluminous style in the hair. Hair stylists rely on this one to give a good shape to the hair style and make it look beautiful.

When playing with your hair it is very important to pick up the right kind of brush to get the right kind of look. Always keep your brushes clean and make use of them to the utmost to give your gorgeous hair a style uplift!

Protect the hair on your head with the best remedies

Protect the hair on your head with the best remedies

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Hair is like the crown on our head that adds to the elegance and charm of your beauty even more. But, the horrors that hair loss brings with it is something that a majority of us face. The reasons behind hair loss are way too many to mention. Rising levels of stress, degradation of our environment, deficiency in our diet, excessive level of drinking and smoking are a few of the many factors. So, in this article we will be talking about ways of re-growing the lost hair in the most natural way.

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When you massage the scalp of your head it improves the circulation of blood. This is beneficial for the hair follicles to grow. It also reduces the high level of stress and calms the nerves. The best oil to massage your scalp with is almond, coconut, castor, olive and amla. Heat two tablespoons of any of the above mentioned oils and mix it with a few drops of essential oil like rosemary or tea tree. Slowly and gently massage your scalp with it and leave it for the night. Doing this thrice every week will show you great results.

Use of Indian Gooseberry.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is one of the best solutions for hair loss as it has Vitamin C in it. It also possess the properties of antioxidants, anti-inflammator and anti-bacterial. In a small bowl add a tablespoon of Indian Gooseberry powder mix this with lemon juice. Apply it all over your scalp, hair roots and tips. Keep it for half an hour and wash it off with cold water.

Onion Juice.

Rich in sulfur onion juice enhances the circulation of blood in the scalp. It also reduces itchiness and irritation on the scalp by killing the parasites and germs that cause different infections. With the help of a cotton ball apply the juice of an onion on the scalp of your head. Wash it off with shampoo after thirty minutes.

Aloe Vera.

The gel of an Aloe Vera plant can maintain and regulate the pH level of your scalp. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties which removes dandruff and cures different types of infection that causes hair loss.Scoop out the juice of Aloe Vera and massage it on your scalp. Keep this on your scalp for a few hours. With the use of only water wash it off. Consumption of Aloe Vera juice in an empty stomach everyday will show great results too.


Rich in protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and calcium Beetroot can end the problems of hair loss. Consume the juice of Beetroot on a daily basis to see results. You can even have more of alfalfa, carrots, spinach and lettuce to improve the growth of your hair.

The problems of hair loss won’t bother you anymore when you take the needful steps to protect it. Staying healthy and choosing organic products is the best option to enjoy long, lustrous and dense hair.